These Days are 3am List Days

Who doesn’t write lists! Hell, I have lists of my lists sometimes! The lists I hate the most are the ones that wake you up at 3am in the morning – I’m going to share my most recent 3am List –

The things I’ve learnt in the last 48 hours:

  1. The human spirit is incredible.
  2. My blogging has made me feel wonderful, like the wagon I’m chasing down is so bloody close!
  3. There are more people out there that can relate to my journey than I thought
  4. I’ve loved learning a new skill – blogging!
  5. I love going to see my ‘Shrink’ – he’s fantastic and everyone should have a ‘life coach’ like him in their lives.
  6. I love how much I laugh with Megz when we go boxing. Laughter really should be bottled!
  7. I am frightened that this wonderful feeling will one day subside, and I’ll hit a ‘trough’ again – but I can control this. I’ve learnt that I am in control of this and it will be my choices that determine how deep that trough will be.
  8. I’m a fighter and I’m ready for it!
  9. My Husband is pretty proud of me – and those are nice words to hear.

10. My Son is just the most amazing little soul I’ve ever met. I already knew this, but it’s nice to fill your lists with these things!

11. My friends are awesome.

12. I miss my overseas friends and family.

13. My Principal and Assistant Principal came to my house after reading my blog, it was 1 in the afternoon and I was in my PJ’s – I’ve learnt its ok to speak to your boss in your PJ’s!! (eeeeeek!)

14. I have lots of things to say to lots of people in my life now.

15. I’ve started thinking of different blog titles that start with ‘These Days…’ Can I keep this up!!??

16. I have a girl crush on the girls at the drive through Bean Squeeze – they’re so infectiously happy!

17. I love coffee. A lot.

18. Don’t’ get my film’s developed from the Cranky Lady – she did a Cranky job and over-charged me.

19. Need to find a new film lab.

20. Maybe I should make my own.

21. Oh no, my list is getting out of control now.

22. Time to stop making lists Lindsay.

23. I love sleep

24. Time to get some…

These days are my days – x Lindsay

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