I’m Lindsay and I am living this life with every ounce of ‘punch and sparkle’ that I can.

I’m a lifestyle writer for Wonderful Mama Magazine.

I believe that everyone has a story to tell, and I love to listen. There’s so much gratitude and empowerment in sharing our stories, and I love to capture these through my own photos and words.

This blog exists because I wanted to write my way through a tricky time in life. You can see various posts from the past few years as I overcame PTSD and PND. I focus myself on the ‘now’ and fill my life with laughter, photography, motherhood, cooking and travel and have dreams of opening my own kids cooking school!

Would love to work with you and connect with others through words and images. Hit me up on my email.

Make one of ‘these days’ today!



Instagram: @linzdayz



2 thoughts on “Me

  1. U r a true inspiration babe. Sharing this with your family and friends is a very brave thing to do. I think this blog is a wonderful idea and u can help so many people who also struggle or know someone who struggles with depression, but most of all u can help urself. Love ya!! xxxx

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