Little Red Fox Eatery


I’ve always romanticised about running and owning my own restaurant, I don’t know if I have many (if any!) skills to do it but the entire idea of it lights up my eyes. I’ve always been a bit of a dreamer, but when friends asked me to come and check out their new venture, I was so thrilled for them because these guys aren’t dreaming it, they’re doing it – and Little Red Fox Eatery is ready for you.

Set in the most tranquil of settings, perched above Banks Vineyard in Marcus Hill on the Bellarine Peninsular, Little Red Fox Eatery boasts spectacular views and if you’re wanting to escape it all, this is the place to go.



The restaurant is drenched in warm sunlight which creates a spacious feel that is only complimented by the vast outdoor area, dotted with incredibly fun sculptures, the space is begging for market stalls, live music and happy families enjoying the spoils of this restaurant.


Whether you sit inside or out, you will be spoilt for views and as Adam and Gayle explained, when they took over the venue, it was dusk time and a red fox ran across the paddocks, they’d loved the name ‘Little Red Fox’ for a while, but as fate has it, that little creature cemented their dream in place.


Little Red Fox Eatery is open for breakfast, lunch, dinner on Friday and Saturday nights and all snacks in between. I sat down to some Grilled King George mushrooms with salsa verde, some Fried school prawns with Nori mayonnaise and fried halloumi with a radish and fennel salad. Paired with a Blackman’s Brewery IPA and of course, a Banks Road Vineyard 2013 Pinot Noir. These delicious morsels are just the beginning, coming from their snack menu, it’s clear I’ll be coming back to taste the mains.



Fried Halloumi with fennel and radish


Fried School prawns with Nori mayonnaise


Grilled King George mushrooms with salsa verde

However, there is no trip to Little Red Fox Eatery that is complete without their chocolate mousse dessert. I’ve already booked in to return just for a coffee and this dessert again!


With the relaxed vibe inside and the friendly staff, this gem of a restaurant has something for everyone. A long lunch with local wines and relaxed vibes, a gorgeous dinner on a Friday or Saturday, a bright breakfast with your family and a coffee catch up with friends. Little Red Fox Eatery will just keep on giving and I for one, am excited to see what’s in store next for this perfect getaway.

Congratulations Adam and Gayle, I get the sense that there are big things ahead for Little Red Fox Eatery. Thanks for having me!


Little Red Fox Eatery, 600 Banks Rd, Marcus Hill VIC Australia 3222

Opening hours are Wed-Thurs Lunch

Fri Lunch/Dinner

Sat Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner

Sun Breakfast/Lunch

(03)5245 7282

instagram: @littleredfoxeatery

xx Linz

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