These Days are Humble Days

One of the hardest things I had to do was tell my friends and family that I had depression. Why is this so hard? Why did I put so much thought and worry into this? Why did I hold such a taboo and stigma over the word Depression?

Depression is not a dirty word. 

We need to break down the self-imposed stigma related to mental health. It exists in our society.  I bet that you either know someone who has it, or someone who is close to it. And I hope that you are as wonderful as the friends and family I have.

I have truly been humbled by the thoughts, actions and words of my friends. I could’ve easily kept up the game face with them, kept pushing them aside and making up lies to avoid seeing them. But, Az said that they deserved the truth and that they’d stand by me. He was right. More than I knew.

Some friends didn’t know what to say. But that was ok because they knew what to do. They were just there. They just said ‘we love you and it’s ok’. Hugs were real. Not flimsy, little, brief touchy touchy hugs. Real, firm, never want to let go hugs. So words weren’t needed in the beginning.

When the words did start to come, they were enough to send me to tears. Not sad tears. But tears I hadn’t felt in a long time. Tears of joy. Pure delight to know that I have friends in my life who are just, to sound cliché’ AMAZEBALLS!!

This post is for you guys. To make sure you know just how much I bloody well love you. To let you know that each text message, phone call, email, wave, hug, dinner, coffee, Facebook chat, walk and smile was so important to me. I will always cherish the way you handled me, the support you give me and the way you make me laugh. I truly am blessed to have you in my life and I want you to know that each and every one of you , make me want to be the Best Version of Me.

These days are my days… and my friends are the best a girl could have!

x Lindsay

2 thoughts on “These Days are Humble Days

  1. Hi Linz, I never knew you were going through this but i wish I knew sooner. I take my hat off to you for this as I have been through it as well. I thought that no one else knew what I was feeling and that I would be eaten up by the snowball of darkness that depression can be. You are fortunate to have such support and to have a loving, special family standing alongside you. I am not a writer but you bought a tear to my eye and I share that with you my friend. Thank you and may we all support our friends and family through any obstacle that they face. Hopefully we get to see each other soon and think about the funny times we shared as friends. Lots of love Indian Jay.

    • Hello My Dearest IWI friends! Wow, Jay – isn’t it just the weirdest thing that we don’t talk about this, but it’s our friends and families who support us that get us through this. I was so humbled to hear of your story, and even though we are miles away from you, I feel your love and support more than ever. We are planning our trip to NZ for next year and when we do, i’ll probably knock you both over with the biggest of hugs! Much love to you both, we miss you dearly and can’t wait to be with you again one day soon. Loving your photos, much love – L&A&a

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