The Sisterhood of Motherhood

This motherhood gig is a pretty awesome one, it’s like i’ve just been hired for the best job I never knew I wanted.  I mean, i’m five years into the job, and i’ve just been promoted to be in charge of 2 humans, not just one. Big promotion I know, pretty big deal where i’m concerned, there were serious questions about my ability to grow and raise 2 humans there for a while. But after extensive training, some professional development, a bit of mentoring and some well needed holiday leave, I think i’ve pulled it off! I can say ‘kids’ now, plural. “I’ll bring the kids over” or “I’ll get that for the kids” – that gets addictive you know.

As far as jobs go, i’ve had some rippers in my time. First job I ever had was working for a screen printing place, a stinking hot warehouse, with a delightful Indian boss who continually made jokes about wanting to buy me. I think underneath the sweaty pungent odour he exuded, he really actually meant it because he only had sons. However, that job allowed me to save up a grand total of $99 so I could buy a gameboy. Yep, I was that cool.

Then I got a job at Macca’s – possibly the best type of job for a teenager. It really was. There are people that I worked with there that I still see, and we still laugh about all the high wasted grey pants, staff parties and management.  If there was one thing i’m thankful to Macca’s for, it was giving me a wage that allowed me to fund my teenage band crushes. Live music was the drug for me and Macca’s got me there. Except for the overnight shifts I had to do on Saturday nights, serving drunk people.  Watching drunk people navigate their wallets, shoes, humans, burgers, doorways and life in general was probably what lead me to my next job. Door Bitch! Yes, it’s all true, I got to be the door bitch at a very popular establishment in my home town. What a winning job that was. Apart from the fact that I got to work with some of the most sensational ladies I know, we were encouraged to use our drink cards, for ourselves. Who didn’t want a job that allowed you to do that when you were 18, and all your friends were 18… and you pretty much felt invincible. And the pay was great, and the ‘drunk olympics’ were even greater! Many funny nights were had, but that soon wore off and I landed a job at a local movie theatre. If I thought free drinks and laughter were the best job, I was wrong. Free movies and popcorn were even better. It seems that where ever I ended up working, I ended up finding the best people to be around. So many wonderful people, in so many wonderful jobs that we shared (except for maybe the boss who wanted to buy me?!) that lead to so many hilarious moments is just proof that being connected to others and contributing to society (or your own wallet when you’re young) really is pretty good.

Obviously, then I got serious about life and went to university, became a teacher, and again – found myself surrounded by more amazing people. The point i’m trying to make here, is that in my time, the jobs i’ve had have allowed me to meet, and spend time with incredible people. I have nothing but fond, hilarious and sometimes awkwardly embarrassing memories of these wonderful people. And then this job, motherhood, is no different. It’s like i’m an Über hippy who just decided to throw it all in and make humans. You know, we all know the hippies that give up their day job to travel the world and share it all over social media to makes us all feel a little mundane. I’m not having a stab here though, I love that they do that – it gives me something to look at while i’m on my scheduled lunch break from raising humans (*cough, lunch break, what’s that?). But, motherhood is just like that if you think about it. I threw in my awesome job, gave up my pay check to just ‘see where it takes me’. That’s right – I grew a human (twice!)  carried it around selflessly and then put my own body through insanely painful moments just to ‘see where it takes me’. I don’t have a plan, I don’t have a pay check, I don’t know when my next meal is coming, whether it will even be hot, or already chewed. I’m living – dare I say it ‘in the freakin’ moment man’ and I love it. I’m not worried about materialistic possessions (*cough bullshit) ok, maybe I am, and it’s my bed. That my friends, is a thing of beauty. I’m an Über hippy mother – minus the hippy part.

But on this ‘journey’ of mother hood  I am certain of one thing. This is the one job in my life that has managed to bring the most amazing people to me. I may as well have travelled the world collecting all these little treasures along the way, because I feel like the people in my life are absolute gems. It’s the sisterhood and brotherhood of motherhood that I love. Motherhood can get a lot of bad press, but when we strip it back, we’re just humans, raising humans to raise more humans and if we don’t have the right ‘tribe’ around us, how are we to do this? My tribe, full of sisters and brothers, are the best. Literally, hands down, top of the range, simply amazing, truly wonderful people who I get to call friends and family. I feel their love so much through this ‘job’ I have. The increased hormones have made me quite soppy and emotional and I may be inclined to just tell them how much I love them back. Numerous times, in numerous ways, but I bloody well mean it. Even if I am shit at staying in touch, and remembering birthdays, the love there is real! Really REAL!

So, while I get back to living in the moment in the job of my dreams that I never knew I wanted, just know that because of stinky sweat shops, Macca’s, movie theatres, nightclubs and primary schools I can now say, warts, boogers, spew, farts, laughter, tears, sleep, wakefulness and down right love that makes your heart explode – motherhood is the best job i’ve had.

Thanks to the legends in my life that got me the promotion, ace work team! Ace!

(Disclaimer – i love Über hippies that actually travel the world and take photos of it for me to enjoy, i really do, so much that I wish it was me sometimes! Think i’ll do it with ‘the kids’ though!)

Linz x

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