These Days I’m Not Bragging or Whinging, Just Happy…

I’m a teacher. This means one awesome thing… school holidays! I know, you have a friend who’s a teacher and they’re forever posting on Facebook how many days till holidays, and it drives you nuts. I know, then they start posting how many days left till they have to return to school. Then when they’re at school they post how many reports they have to write… and it all starts to seem like one endless whinge… i know, i’m a teacher! We love to whinge! But.. i’m not whinging at the moment, actually I try not to whinge at all (smug pat on the back for me!) i’m really happy right now and it’s not from things i’m doing, they certainly help, but it’s from the people that surround me. So, this is for them… I’m celebrating YOU!

I’m celebrating…

My friend who is about to embark on a teaching trip to Fiji. She is amazing and the kids’ lives will change with every story she shares and smile she brings.

My friend who has decided to put herself first for once and take some well needed ‘time’ to herself.

My friends who shouted me TOO many drinks one friday night ago… (i didn’t celebrate the after the fact-facebook-photo-trainwreck that we all witnessed!! laughed though!)

My friend who manages to think of the things I need even before I think of them myself! She says it’s all part of the service, but I know that it’s because she has the biggest heart in the whole world.

My friend who is challenging himself to a whole new mindset.

My friend who is killing it at his new passion/hobby, one he thought he’d NEVER do and is already thinking of what to do next.

My friend who may have just found love… actually, this applies to a few friends!

My friend who inspires my motherhood!

My friend who was in line at a coffee drive through and paid for the person behind her! Love this idea!

My friend who just started her own online publication… loving her words!

My friend who just delivered her second baby… posterior… and with uber strength only a woman knows!

My friend who thought she’d never be a mother, and who is just the best one of all

My friend who is going to come and spend some time with me and my camera… look out!

My friends who are planning an epic day at the Warped Festival! We’re living in our pasts but heck it’s going to be a cracking day!

My friend who challenges my thinking daily, about how I teach…

My friend with coffee

My friend who makes the best beef jerky going round! It takes him 4 days to make it and me 4 seconds to demolish it!

My friend who makes her own home made ice-cream… it doesn’t last long either!

My friend who wants to write a book, she has the BEST story to tell and I want to wish her all the success with this because I know she WILL do it.

My friend with red licorice

My friend who manages to make the oldest things look the best

My friend who cut my hair! Tick that off my list!!

My friend who helped us with one of the most difficult decisions in our lives thus far. We know it was the right decision, but boy it was tough.

My friend who is going to Burning Man… So very cool, so very jealous, I just have to convince him to take his camera…

My friend who drank way too much red wine with me at the photo exhibition i went too!

My friend who always trains with me, and makes me train harder! She always manages a smile on her face when i’m about to pass out!

My friend who is planning an overseas trip.

My friend who is giving back to something in his past.

My friend who continually betters himself and his business

My friend who is the most amazing husband

My friend who listens the best… And gives the best advice!

My friend who manages to keep her head up and a smile on her face even though she’s faced such tragedy

My friend who introduces me to new music!

My friend who always plays Draw Something with me… if you’re playing this (awesome app!) let me know so I can play with you… I really love this geeky app!!

My friend who makes memories into the most awesome movies

My friend who chucked it all in and did what we all want to do… travel with no destination in mind.

My friend who is helping us renovate… he is dead set amazing!

My friend who is always on the texts with me, sharing the love, getting fit and arranging times for me to have a lime spider with!

My friend who gave Facebook up all together.

My friend who is buying furniture for a new home!

My friend who is hitting his health head on.

…. I just realized I could keep this entire list going… I can’t see an end to it. So, i’m going to have to stop myself right now. I will pick up this list another time…

I have some of the most incredible people in my life, stop and take the time to do this with your own life. Get off Facebook and think about those around you and celebrate them. They’re worth it, every inch of it! Trust me!

These Days Are Happy Days and My Life Is Filled With Awesome Friends!

PS – I just realized I either have a LOT of friends, or one very amazing friend!! Ha!

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