These Days I’m Pondering At 3am…

My brain suffers it’s own kind of OCD. When it gets an interesting piece of fodder, it just throws it around in there like a ping pong ball in the all Chinese Olympic final. It wakes me up, usually at 3am. Wide awake. Thinking about the idea, figuring out how I’m going to use the idea.

More recently, it’s been occupied with renovation ideas. These ones are the most dangerous. New rooms, new furniture, new artworks, new paint colours … ideas that usually are so far out there that when I wake the following morning, they often seem ridiculous.  But, don’t we all do our best thinking at this time? It’s quiet, no visual stimulation because it’s dark… just you and your thoughts. Well, I was up again last night, thinking… but not about renovating (to my husband’s relief!!)

A friend sent me a link to Quora (an online Q&A forum) which posed the question ‘What are the top 10 things we should be informed about in life?”.

This made me ponder.

As I read through the many answers people were sharing, I laughed, got confused, agreed with, got goosebumps over and found myself starting to write my own list. Then I stopped.

This is a pretty big question.

It could be endless.

I needed clarity.

It came at 3 am!

Instead of tackling the ‘big answers’ because no one has these, I took it from the point of view of being a mother to my son. If I could not (for some terrible reason) share with him through life’s experiences, the Top 10 things he should know, then I would write it in a list for him.

  1. Give Freely – of yourself, to all those you encounter. Give time, patience, kindness, laughter and honesty.
  2. Celebrate difference – learn through the eyes of others.
  3. Follow your heart and love courageously – you will get hurt along the way, but the journey will show you more about yourself than you could imagine.
  4. Try new things and make mistakes – there will always be people to pick you up if you fall. It’s ok to fall, we all fall. We all get angry and frustrated and sad, but we have time on our side to try things a new way and have another go. There will always be tomorrow.
  5. Be a citizen of the world, not just your iPhone, or your own suburb or books and the internet, get amongst the incredible life that surrounds you.
  6. Find the creative extension of yourself and do this. It may take a lifetime to find this ‘passion’ and you will have many attempts before you do, but when you do… enjoy it!
  7. Make time for yourself daily. Get to know the one person you’ll spend all your time with. Know yourself well, trust yourself and love yourself.
  8. Keep things balanced. Don’t do anything to the extreme.
  9. Dream big and have a back up plan. Centre your expectations on reality.
  10. 10.  Take photos, write lists, run marathons, talk to strangers (when you’re old enough!) eat all the wrong things, eat all the right things, do the things that you hate so you can enjoy the things you love, sing loudly to yourself, dance in mud (or butter!) chase rainbows and smile knowing that everyone else is just as confused as you are but if you can smile about it, and know there’ll always be tomorrow, then you’re already there!

So, if you had to sum up the Top 10 things you would want your children to know if you weren’t around to tell them… what would they be?

PS – it’s nearly impossible to find just 10, so go with what you think in this very moment and share it!

These Days Are My Days and My Brain Needs A Holiday!

Linz xx

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