These Days With Beautiful Babes

For anyone who has read my previous post about my dear friends, here’s the happiest of happy endings!

We met the beautiful Meila when she calmly came into our world, she was the perfect piece to a family puzzle that was many heartfelt years in the making.

I got the chance to spend some time with this gorgeous family and not only was the subject just perfect, but watching her parents love and swoon over her and each other was the icing on the cake. Their energy with each other, their sense of humor about being new parents and their beautiful little daughter all came together to make for a stunning afternoon. If this is how special taking photographs of newborn babies is then I want IN!!


IMG_8952 IMG_9024 IMG_9120 IMG_9128 IMG_9159 IMG_9181-2


Aren’t they just BEAUTIFUL? My heart melts…


3 thoughts on “These Days With Beautiful Babes

  1. Oh Linz, those photos are just beautiful! You have a real talent. And what an absolutely perfect, beautiful little dot she is!

  2. Stunning photos as always Linz – you have captured not only the beauty and cuteness of newborn Meila but the emotion of the family too. You see the world through a different lens to most my friend. Talent + love combined is very powerful x

  3. As always your photos are amazing. How lucky are we to have you as the family’s official photographer . Great work xo

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