These Days We Can Pay It Forward Together

I’ve been a little overwhelmed with the requests from friends and family, and extras, who’ve asked me to take some photos of their beloved pets, and even children too! But it’s kept me up at night. I’ll explain why…

With the requests to photograph other people and their loved ones (both furry and not!!) I started to feel unexpectedly nervous. I hadn’t set out to become a professional photographer, and I certainly will never proclaim to be. There are many amazing, professional photographers out there who do wonders with their cameras, and I don’t believe I am one of them. Now, i’m not putting myself down here, I just know what it takes to become professional, and i’m no where near that yet. I am at the beginning of my journey, behind the camera, taking photos of what I love. Simple! No need to stay awake at night right!? Well, each request has been accompanied by a kind, and loving ‘i’ll pay you of course”. This is where I get uneasy.

I’m not taking photos to make money. I have a job, a wonderful job, and i’m paid for what I do there. Photography is more than a paid career for me. It’s my passion. One that i’m only just learning and crafting. So, I would feel extremely uncomfortable setting a price for the photos I take. So, These Days Photography has been born.

The feel good photography session where you walk away with not only your memories in still, but hopefully a wonderful feeling that make ‘these days – happy days’.

This is how I want to pay it forward, here’s the deal…

You get me and my cameras for some time, we will laugh together, work together and hopefully have a whole heap of fun. I’ll take some photos of you and your loved ones. This is where I learn my craft. So remember, i’m not a professional and you won’t get professional photos. You’ll get my fun loving, relaxed take on you and your loved ones. I’ll select as many photos as I think you’ll love, play around with them in post production and then give them to you. You then own them, not me, you. So, you are free to do what you like with them. And after you have your photos, and I have learnt some new things along the way, you get to pay it forward. It’s your turn to donate. And you have a few choices.  You can donate some cash to charities that I support.You can donate some cash to me, or you can do a bit of both. Totally up to you. No set limits. No questions. No pressure, just a chance to pay it forward and do some good!

You’ll have already given me so much in the sense of letting me practice my craft and enhance my skills, and hopefully i’ll have captured something special for you. We both win. But we can do more than that. We can walk away from our time together and know that we gave a little more.

So, if you like the idea of ‘These Days Photography’ and want to pay it forward, contact me through my blog or my email below. Hopefully we can work together and make These Days, Happy Days.

Charities that I support :

Forever Friends – an organization who tirelessly re-home and adopt out rescued animals.

Cottage By The Sea – a place where children are at the centre of happiness.

PANDA – an organization that helps women and families who have suffered Post-Natal Depression.

My email:

These Days Are My Days And I Love Paying It Forward Through Photographs!

PS: Plus, although it’s obvious that I love my son, he is so sick of the camera being shoved in his face, he has decided he no longer wants to be a subject of mine (e.g. he has a million crazy faces he knows just annoy me!!) so I need NEW subjects to learn from! Cheers!

What  bubbles?

What bubbles?



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