These Days I’m Putting Out!

Ha! That title could go many ways couldn’t it, but I assure you, i’m not into writing about mine, or anyone else’s sex life on a blog so if you’re looking for that, you’ll need to leave this blog and be on your merry way!

I’m referring to what you put out into this wonderful universe we live in. Believe it or not, that’s why we are here, not to take, but to give. To contribute, to create and to ultimately ‘put out’. You can put out words, actions, feelings, sentiment, the list really goes on. But it’s what we are here for. This is not a new philosophy or understanding, and by no means am I trying to convince you of my latest ‘ah-ha-oprah’ moment, this is an obvious reason as to why we are here, but it’s an easy one to forget amongst the hustle and bustle of the crazy thing we call life.

So, once the buzz of the Christmas madness settles down, and holidays really begin, I start to get completely crazy because I need to contribute more. While I work as a teacher, I am constantly contributing, and then when i’m a Mum and Wife, i’m contributing too, when you combine working and being a mum and wife, the contributing is on steroids – but I like it that way. My mind, body and spirit are working along nicely in a harmonious buzz. Then when holidays hit, as in stay around home and totally unwind, my little mind starts to want to contribute more. So, the creativity kicks off on a new level and my husband wants to throw me overboard!!

Usually on holidays, on day 5 i’ve re-arranged the entire house, painted a room, cooked 15 new recipes, cleaned out cupboards, re-homed a million things, and that’s all before lunch! So when we decided to have a ‘stay-cation’ and kick around home for the 5 weeks of summer I knew shit was going to get serious! And I warned my hubby!

We had a minor hiccup along the way with the construction of our new deck and pool area. Long story short we didn’t have a permit for our deck and were forced by the council to rip it up and replace the stumps because we used the wrong timber! Sigh. Shitstorm over, we didn’t have the deck up in time for christmas, therefore our summer stay cation now became our version of a back-yard blitz in slow motion. Highly frustrating for someone who had planned to create and decorate the shiz out of the new space. But, when one door closes, usually four more open up… which it did!

Enter my dear friend and her amazing fur-babies. Erin had asked me to take photos of her and her puppies (2 stunningly huge Bernese Mountain Dogs, Koda and Ryder). So with my mind free from ‘work buzz’ I could concentrate on mastering my new camera and lenses and go head long into ‘dog photography’. BEST THING EVER! I knew I loved photography. I knew I loved dogs. And of course, I love Erin, but combine the three and it was the best! I’m not pretending to be a professional photographer, and I know Erin knows this, which is why it was so much fun. I could create and contribute to her happiness, by taking these photos. I got to spend hours with my friend, just hanging around, on a beach we had to ourselves (because it was awfully windy but hey!) with her amazing puppies. I ended up wet through from lying in the sand with my back to the waves, Erin ended up freezing cold because of the winds, but I had the biggest smile on my face because I was just out there shooting away, enjoying the moment for exactly what it was. I was ‘putting out’!!

The best thing about this, is that Erin and I had an understanding about this. There were no expectations, no rules. We have an honest friendship that means we don’t have to bullshit each other, it’s based on honesty. She knew that I wasn’t going to get perfect shots. She didn’t expect that. And i knew she didn’t want perfect shots and that she didn’t expect that. It was just right. There’s been no need to offer each other anything after the time, because the time itself was the gift. Erin contributed her time, dogs and happiness, I contributed my time, camera and happiness – this is a win win situation for everyone.

So, while I fell in love with taking photos of dogs, and want to learn so much more about photography, I know Erin will let me do this. I know there are other people in my life that will let me do this and I can’t wait! Moments in life where you are truly in it, no expectations, no rules, genuine peace offerings and happiness are the best. You are in control of these moments, you can put them out there as much as you want, it’s just up to you.

So apologies to all my friends with pets, as now there is a risk i’ll become a little too obsessed with them, because the allure of getting ‘that’ shot of their true personality is wildly addictive!

Enjoy putting it out there, there’s nothing to lose – and it won’t be as hard as you think. Create, contribute, discuss and ask questions – put it all out there and see how you feel.

As for that part about driving my husband crazy, i’ve been busy building furniture and creating wall gardens for our new room. It’s pretty random that I decided to do that, but it’s all about the buzz of creating. And before i’ve finished that i’ve had five more ideas about what we can do and the poor guy is in a spin. “You’re just bull at a gate Mif” he says… but I like being that way, my horns are sharp and i’m putting it out there!! (sounded much better in my head!!)

Maybe it’s time I stepped away from the keyboard, and back into reality… there’s an ice-t with my name on it and a movie waiting to calm me down!

These Days are My Days and I’m in love with creating!

Love Linz

PS: Thanks a million to Erin and her fur babies, but she already knows how special this was to me! x




One thought on “These Days I’m Putting Out!

  1. Lovely photos Linz! I am a bit like you on holidays, Wayne never knows what he is going to find changed when he gets home. Lucky I have been too busy cooking up apricots to do too much this holidays although………. Lol! Enjoy the rest of your holidays. See you in a couple of weeks 🙂

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