These Days I’m Writing Another List…

Happy New Year – indeed it is!

I’m happy to be home on the couch right now after a week of festivities – most of them truly joyful, a few of them a bit shitful thanks to the bogans next door, but hey, you can’t have it all right! Ha!

So I sit here on the couch, in my Onesie (best gift a girl can get!) and think about the fact that it’s the first week of a new year. That’s a pretty cool thing in itself, the start of a brand new year. It’s a nice, cleansing kind of feeling, knowing that the year that will soon pass us by has just pressed ‘reset’. Having a ‘reset’ button would be a handy thing in this life! ‘Reset’ the shitty day at work you’ve just had, ‘Reset’ the meal you just messed up by adding strawberry yoghurt instead of natural yoghurt… however, if we reset all of our mistakes and mishaps, we wouldn’t learn from it and be better people.

So, even though the calendar has ‘reset’ itself in a sense, I’m glad to be kicking off a new year, with my old memories and experiences to guide me through it.

I’ve never written ‘resolutions’ as such. I’ve always written ‘wishes’ for my next year. And I love a good list or two, so I thought I’d start the year off with my ‘2013 Wish List’… I can’t wait to read this at the start of next year!!

  • This year I wish to…
  • Keep blogging, for no one else but me, for personal therapy!
  • Kick ass at my new job – being a prep teacher has been my biggest teaching fear!
  • Commit whole heartedly to my job when I am there, and be super organised so that when I get home to my boys, I’m truly ‘at home’ with them.
  • Take the email function off my phone.
  • Start my online 2013 photo album that I will print at the end of the year – this is so important, I have so many photos and I always take more so this is how I make sure I keep them. Flicking the pages of a photo album is so much better than looking at them on a screen!
  • See a foreign film
  • Buy a new car (eeek!)
  • Re-arrange or re-decorate parts of our home
  • See my Facebook friends IN PERSON for a catch up! I’m serious about this one… social media can be ‘lazy socializing’ so I’d like to catch up with them at least once. And for the near impossible ones who are overseas, a few skype chats will have to be good enough!
  • See the Snow Monkeys’ in Japan
  • Use my KitchenAide more
  •  Train for and enter a running race (eek!)
  • Go to the dentist
  • Listen to more music, instead of TV.
  • Go to New Zealand for our friends wedding.
  • Plan a holiday for next Christmas and NYE – OS!!
  • Get a banging new haircut.
  • See some more, great live bands.
  • Learn a new skill, like sign language or massage or app development!
  • Cook MOST of Jamie Oliver’s 15 minute meals.
  • Grow a herb garden.
  • Dance with hubby.
  • Land a jump on my snowboard, just one will be fine!
  • Be more verbal in my appreciation of the people around me.
  • Offer my time to people who are in need – often.
  • Bike ride with Archer – for this I’ll need a bike, and we’ll need to teach him to ride!
  • Go to more than one Yoga retreat.
  • Nail my new lenses on my camera
  • Enter a photo competition.
  • Leave the rest of the year up to chance and karma.

All of my wishes are drenched in honesty and love and I hope that if I can tick some of these off I will prove to myself that anything is possible. I can’t wait to see what this year brings. I’m ready for the ‘hard stuff’ and I’m excited about the unknown. I’ve learnt that I can’t plan for everything and I certainly can’t control it all, what will be, will be. (cliche’ much!) What will come my way will do so with gusto and I’ll be ready and waiting to catch it and smash it back into the universe.

What are your wishes for this year?

These Days Are My Days Love Linz. xx

5 thoughts on “These Days I’m Writing Another List…

  1. I love this post bub, I know you will do everything on that list cos you are an amazing person. Look out 2013 Linz is coming xxx

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