These Days I’m Old But Punk Rock Still Roolz!


Ha! I laugh every time I see this. Not because I think it’s hilarious, it’s funny yes, but not hilarious. I laugh more at myself because I’ve done this! I’ve been that sheep, liking inspirational stuff because it’s been put in front of me. But really – do I relate to any of it? I like it because it stops and makes me smile for a brief second but that’s about it. Then just like anything, this sort of stuff starts to appear everywhere. In the beginning it’s nice, and before we know it it’s being shoved in our faces and all of a sudden we stop liking, stop looking and become immune to it. We don’t read the words and stop and think anymore because we’re just sick of it. It’s passed.

It’s like that old saying ‘Live in the moment’ – I’m sure beauty pageant contestants say this (up there with world peace!), and people who are in the “cool crew”, ‘I just like to live in the moment’ … but what does that actually mean? Do they know? Do they really know and understand this? It’s an ideal, that I’m sure we all like to look for, that elusive cool, calm and collected persona that’s inside that just cruises through life, doing as they please! Ha! I’m laughing again! Come on – you know what I’m talking about! But how can we truly live in the moment?

I never really thought about it to be honest, never gave it much of my brain time (as precious as that is!!) – not until this morning in my yoga class!

WHOOOAAA!!! Hold on – don’t run away. I know what you’re thinking. “Ah shit, there she goes, another YOGA light bulb moment!”

I’d like to think I’m not one of those inspirational quotes that people get sick of, but I really did have a moment this morning.  You’re welcome to pass on by if you like, but I dare you to tell me your thoughts on living in the moment.

As we were trying a new pose, a cracking pose too where I lay on my stomach, grabbed hold of my toes and put myself into a crazy inverted circle kind of shape (I don’t know the name and granted, my strength in writing does not lie with describing yoga poses!!) It was pretty strenuous and afterwards, when we were in the restoration pose (my favourite!! AKA napping!)  my teacher started to explain that life is just full of transitory moments, phases. Everything, always passes. And we only feel pain when we try and hang on to these moments.


Off went my light bulb!

He’s so right. Of course he is. He’s wise. He’s one of the cool people that I think has it all together. I don’t care if he does or doesn’t have it ‘all together’, I like to see him that way as I learn from him.

But he’s so right. Life is just about moments that pass us by.And the pain is only felt when we hang on to those moments, good or bad.

(insert inspirational photo and bullshit quote here!)

No matter what type of moment it is, joyful, sad, exciting, anxious, solemn, fearful or breathtaking, it always passes. If you try and hang on to it, this is where pain enters. I’ve done this. I’ve hung on to things that have been exquisitely wonderful I’ve never wanted them to end. And I’ve also hung on to things that have been terribly painful. I’ve wanted to let go of them but not known how to.

You just have to find a way.

I take photos of things to remember them by. I am always looking back on my memories, which is a nice thing to do, look back, but not hang on to. I think you also need to be able to look back on the not-so-nice memories, but you need to have let them go before you can do this.

If you live your life, knowing that everything is purely transitory, then maybe you can ‘live in the moment’. Maybe there’s millions of people out there who already know this, and live their lives like this. I haven’t been one of them. I did not get that memo!! I did not read that inspirational quote!

So, as this moment is passing us by, take what you will,  but know that I have let go, you should too, and then maybe we can meet up again in the next moment!

Life is different now.  I just choose ME. If I can be the best of me, then I’m going to just pass right on through. I’m not going to try and hang on to too much, I’m going to enjoy it, love it and be the best within it, but then let it go and wait for the next moment. It will always come. And I’ll be there with my camera waiting to snap it, post it with some bullshit quote to make you laugh! (well maybe!)

I had some wonderful memories that highlight this theory beautifully on my recent weekend in Melbourne. Went to a few gigs, Gotye and Lagwagon. Two totally different bands, with different, yet equally wonderful friends. Gotye music has been a recent inclusion in my life, and Lagwagon is a throwback to my teenage years. Two moments in my weekend that would pass, and bring with them, new memories and old ones too. I’m so glad I got to share them with the friends I did. Moments in life are always that much better when you are with people you love. I loved dancing to Gotye on the grass, singing at the top of my always terrible voice! And bopping away in amazement at Lagwagon thinking to myself – shit I can’t believe I used to be at the front of that mosh pit!!!! I certainly felt my age at the Lagwagon gig, but I loved going back in time to my youth, with my partner in crime by my side!

So, let the moments come, love them or hate them, they will always come and they will always pass again. You might not know what to do with them at the time, but try not to let the pain of letting go, hinder the next moment to come.

These days I’m passing through life with a giant smile on my face, singing Gotye and smashing out to Lagwagon like nothing else! Punk Rock Roolz For Eva!! I might put that on a photo of me sitting at the bar on a bar stool because I was too old to be in the mosh pit!! So inspirational!!

These Days are My Days  X Linz

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