These Days are Not Dag-Wood Dog Days

Well, as I said in a post a while ago, I really wanted to take Hubby along to my Yoga classes. Purely for him to see how wonderful I think it is, and when I asked him, he agreed. I didn’t think he would, but he did! So as promised, I was going to blog about it… here’s to Moga (Man Yoga!)

Imagine this, early morning, coffee in hand, snuggling in bed with my son, getting ready to attack the day. My son was bouncing around, getting ready for his ‘school’ (aka Daycare!) and Hubby is in the shower doing his best Yoda impersonations.

Now, Yoda is from star wars. I don’t believe, and correct me if I’m wrong, that he has ever done any YOGA in these movies. I think my husband was trying to draw a link between the name YODA and the word YOGA… ok, now you’re with me on my Hubby’s sense of humor! 3Rd grade at it’s best!

So, in his Yoda impersonation (which between you and me is actually very good!) he says ‘Dag Wood Dog You Will’.

I nearly fell out of bed.

I nearly got 2nd degree burns from my coffee.

Did he just say that?

Yes, he did, and he was giggling away to himself in the shower while he said it, over and over again.

Was he waiting for my reaction – of course! Was he trying to take the piss out of me doing Yoga – maybe! So I jumped out of bed and burst into the bathroom to find his face squished up against the glass, still in character “Open my mind I will”. Here we go!

I got shirty with him. I pointed my finger and said, “If you don’t want to take this seriously then you may as well stay at home!” Bit harsh I know. But, like me, when he’s nervous he turns to humor to comfort his nerves. He laughs and makes jokes to cover up how he is really feeling. I thought twice, put my ‘shouty finger’ down and started again. I reassured him that he will really love it and that, more importantly I was loving it that he wanted to come along. Yoda or not, it was going to be fun!

We picked up my Mum along the way, as she wanted to try it out for herself too. I’d done my fair share of publicity for Yoga, and I was really proud that they were coming along to try something that I really love. Hubby said to Mum that he’d already been given ‘the talk’ and that she better not start anything either. Mum has a tendency to be sharp and witty, and we can all end in a barrel of laughs before we even start something. Both well warned, we got started.

You wouldn’t think that an hour and a half could go THAT quickly. That time just disappears when you do Yoga. The simple act of stopping and taking time to focus and indulge in your own body and mind – truly powerful.

We tackled some new poses and stretches, some were pretty hardcore (for us beginners’ anyway!) and the look on Hubby’s face was priceless. Especially when he watched just how flexible Tim (Yoga Master Supreme!) was. I think I had to catch Hubby’s eyes from falling to the floor like marbles.

The groans and moans and ooohs and aaaahs were brilliant. Then, the laughter and positive energy in the room was just great. I couldn’t wipe the smile off my face.

During the restoration poses at the end, I knew Hubby was in heaven (or the Yoga equivalent!). When we woke up I took one look at him and thought – ‘shit, are you stoned!’ He was so out of it, it was like he was talking and walking in slow motion. Like some part of  his mind was left in the pose under the blanket on his yoga mat. Pure Bliss.

So, Hubby, this is what it’s all about. Taking the time to indulge in your OWN mind. To stop and take time with life. To clear your head by focusing purely on your body.

All day he floated around on some kind of yoga high. He got to dinner time and said to me – “I still feel like I’m in the restoration pose! This Yoga stuff is pretty good!”

So, after all his Yoda talking and laughing, I think I converted him to Yoga. Job well done!

These days are my days!

x Linz

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