These Days are Blogging Days..


I’m out there… in the big wide Blogging world! It’s a new world to me – part of my journey out of depression is to learn new things. I love learning. I love being creative, but i’ve stopped doing any of that during the last 2 years i’ve battled depression. Except for now. I’m back! And look out…

Lucky for me, Husband  (here we’ll refer to him as Az!) has been teaching his kids (yes, he’s a primary school teacher too!) all about Blogging. So, i’ve been a student in his class (at couch school!) and i’ve been trying to listen really well. Not sure if i’m passing with flying colors just yet… but time will tell! I keep telling him i’m a visual learner, and I have to learn by doing things… so this is just as challenging for him! Why? Because i’m a bit slow…

You be the judge! What constitutes a great blog? What blogs are you reading that are fantastic? I’m blog-obsessed right now so all your ideas are appreciated!

These days are my days… Lindsay.

2 thoughts on “These Days are Blogging Days..

  1. Flying colours??? I would say you are creating your own new colours!!! I can’t believe how amazing and brave you are and I wish I had an ounce of the strength you possess. You write as if you were tapped into my thoughts. I love your blog, please never stop!

    • I will never stop writing. For me. And for you. Can’t wait to see you next, I think we need to share a few beers and a few stories together. Much love Linz

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